Gamers have the power to help.

Gamer's Outreach is a charity that empowers hospitalized families through play. Their goal is to build a world where activity is easily prioritized aspart of care. Video games are the tools of our trade.

Making Play Possible

Gamer's Outreach is a charity that empowers hospitalized families through play.

Why Do It

Being in the hospital can be scary & isolating. Games help give kids access to activities as well as a chance to socialize.

Gamers for Giving

Gamers for Giving is an annual fundraiser and one of the largest LAN parties in North America. The event unites gamers in support of providing entertainment to hospitalized families.

Spice's Charity Program

Spice is committed to giving back and helping grow the communities that have given us so much.


We've partnered with charities focused on the same goals of bringing the joy of gaming to everyone.


We donate all proceeds from Spice hosted charity events directly to the organization.

Pro Players & Streamers

We donate 1% of all revenue generated from scheduled games with pro players and streamers.

Community First

We're committed to bringing gamers closer together and growing communities through Spice.

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